Teen Programming

Tween/Teen Book Clubs & Beyond
Bristol Public Library's Tween and Teen Book Clubs & Beyond program might be a little different from the book clubs you’re used to. We read the books out loud together. This format means that attending book club requires no preparation and no homework! Attendees are not required to read anything ahead of time, the library provides copies of the book at each meeting, and tweens and teens can participate as much or as little as they wish. You can discuss or debate the book with other book club members, or just listen as the story is read aloud. It’s completely up to you! The ‘beyond’ part of our Book Club & Beyond program includes movie nights and other special programs on the weeks of the month not dedicated to book club. These are usually connected to the month’s chosen book, but not always.

Gaming Club
During our Gaming Clubs, we turn on our large screen TV and invite tweens and teens to play with our gaming consoles. Our large collection of card and board games are also available for use during this time as well as our LEGO collection! This is a time to unwind in the afternoon and hang out with other tweens or teens.

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